Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning – You hear; You forget; You see; You remember ; You do ; You learn. The quotation says something learnt through doing through experiencing will have a long lasting effect. For practical experience accelerates learning, by merging theory and practice. It helps us learn through mistakes and also changes our attitude towards learning.
What Is Experiential Learning? Experiential learning, simply explained, is a process of learning through first-hand experience. It is a method of acquiring expertise and skill through practical application of concepts, theories and problem solving techniques instead of just reading or hearing about them.
Why Experiential Learning? The purpose of experiential learning is to have you world-ready by the time you complete the education program. For professionals who are already working, experiential learning will help them in enhancing skills and managing their roles effectively. It makes use of tools like internships, service-training, field work and practical activities to impart learning. Its approach is more about what you need to know and less about what can be taught.

Advantages of Experiential Learning
Experiential learning encourages application of knowledge and concepts to real- world situations with learning support from the trainer. Some key advantages of this method of learning are:
1. Accelerates Learning
2. A Learning Environment With A Safety Net
3. Merging Of Theory And Practice
4. Mistakes Become Valuable
5. Improved Attitudes toward Learning

Our school follows this method in teaching every subject and topic in the class rooms. The joy of the students is boundless when they learn through the above methods. This has infact, improved the performance levels of all the students in every subject.

Ex : 1. Live insect shown in the class through microscope
2. Shown formation of layers of soil by dropping soil in a water beaks
3. With beep of live examples like bread slices, apples etc., fractions were explained to the children.
4. Visited petrol pump, slum area, museum identry.