Teachers Recreation Trip

Event title – Teachers recreation trip

Event Date and time – November 11th

Event location – Warangal

Why was the event conducted :The event was conducted by our beloved Vice Chair Person Mrs. Rudrama Devi. It was a pleasure trip as well as a pilgrimage to the teachers. The trip was conducted in the auspicious month of November.
The teachers of Vignan’s Bo Tree School strive hard for the overall development of students and work throughout the year. Recognizing their sincere efforts and service to the school, the management plans a staff picnic every year to unwind and get rejuvenated. This year the staff picnic was at Warangal.
The trip was meant to give a recreation and refreshment to the teachers. They visited Thousand Pillars temple Warangal fort & Bhadrakali Temple. It was a break to the teachers from their daily routine Teachers enjoyed the trip. They have recollected their childhood memories and enjoyed a lot. It was a memorable day in their life.