Airtel Hyderabad Marathon

Vignan Students took part in Airtel Hyderabad Marathon on 20 th August- 2017. It was a cool Sunday morning and everyone enjoyed themselves with music poems and banners which encouraged the runners near the Gachibowli stadium in the morning. Approximately 250 students took part in the event. The marathon was conducted in different level like full marathon half marathon, 5K, 3K, 2K, 1K, etc. More than 20, 000 citizens participated.
As Vignan always gives priority to physical fitness took initiative to send children to marathon. Regular yoga, meditation, jogging, participating in different sports and games helped students to feel the importance of Marathon. More 400 students of our school took charge on marathon.
A troop of 25 students played instruments to cheers up the runners. Another troop of 200 students sung inspirational songs to boost the athletes. Another 100 students made placards with beautiful quotations and weaved if towards athletes.