Childrens DAY

Event title – Children’s Day

Event Date and time – 14.11.17 – 10:00 a.m.

Event location – School Campus

- Selected parents

Why was the event conducted : The school is a place where children are nourished with care and love so as they become fit citizens of the future.

Event description : On the eve of Children’s Day, we conducted competitions for the children in the various activities which they had opted at the starting of the academic year. They were encouraged by prizes given by the parents. We also encouraged the students who had improved in their studies. The teachers were motivated with incentives for improving their students in their subjects. SFA was organized in Hyderabad. Our students participated in it. They got gold and silver medals in their respective sports. The school encouraged them by felicitating the winners. The event was organized on the school campus, and our vice chairperson, Mrs. Rani Ridrama Devi, was very happy about the participation of our school children in SFA. She also motivated them to achieve similar goals in the future on both the academic and sport fronts.