Communication Skills

LATEST research indicates that a child possesses the ability to pick up language even at the age of two. English, being the acknowledged global language, a lot of thrust is laid on training students to speak and write it well. Our course books are designed to aid the children in becoming natural and proficient users of the language from an early age.

A structured language curriculum under the guidance of expert teachers has been designed for students right from 3rd standard to acquaint them with the nuances of standard English.

Considering that our students do not get adequate opportunity to speak English outside the school, we create maximum avenues for them at the school itself. We have appointed English teachers, who are not acquainted with the local language so that all the classroom communication is done only in English. This step has been highly successful.

Also, our English language lab with a computer - student ratio of 1:1 provides the facility to the students to listen to the pre-recorded content of native speakers and linguistic experts which helps them to standardize their accent and pronunciation.