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Located on a 24 Acre lush green and magnificent landscape, Prabodhananda Prashanti Niketan, the first school of Vignan group, was launched in the year 1989. We are known to impart world-class education not only to foster academic excellence but also to develop child’s spiritual well-being.

Our exclusively designed education structure promotes total development of the child’s personality combined with academic talents, sports, creativity and also leadership skills. Since its launch, it has been one of the emerging schools of Hyderabad!

Special historical and Geographic Discovery

The specialty of our school is the Bangaru Kondalu; natural boulders. This is one of the unique features of natural rock formation almost 2,500 million years old available no where in the world, except in Hyderabad, India. Our campus is a home for diverse natural bio- habitat, serene and pollution free, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Our day starts with suprabhatham

  • Wake up at 4.45am
  • Early morning jogging at 5 am, followed by milk and biscuits.
  • Break fast at 7am.
  • Supervised morning study hours from7.30am
  • Edutaining assembly at 8.40am .
  • Insructional hours are from 9am to 4pm.
  • Intermittent lunch break at 11.30am for juniors and 1pm for seniors.
  • Recreation/ games time from 4pm to 5.30 pm.
  • Fresh up followed by regular Yoga and Meditation.
  • Evening supervised study hours from 6.30pm to 7.30pm for juniors & till 9pm for seniors.
  • Dinner at 7.30pm for juniors and 9pm for seniors.
  • Preparation for next day, Prayer and then go to sleep.

Sundays are full of fun and frolic-Team events, competitions, recreational activities like Drawing, Painting, Nature walk,Trekking, Picnics,Kitchen gardening etc make their stay joyful.
“Parent is the first teacher and teacher is the second parent”…At VPPN Principal, Teachers as House masters and Mentors visit dorms every day to interact with students to foster a sense of bonding, attachment and belongingness. It creates a homely environment in school. Qualified wardens take care of students personal hygiene, needs and requirments.also mainatain the neetness and perfect homely environment.
Monthly PTMs (parent teacher meeting) enables Parents to review the Academic performance and over all development of their wards .

Sports and courts

“Healthy mind in a healthy body” what we stand for. Sports are an excellent activity that help students in maintaining their mental and physical well being. Our school encourages sports for both male and female students. We have an excellent infrastructure with vast play grounds for throw ball, volleyball, basketball, hockey, football, swimming and tennis courts. We also have cricket pitches to help students play their favorite national game
Students are also trained for Indoor games like caroms, chess, table tennis and martial arts like karate


All games and sports are monitored by proficient and rated coaches in the state. They train the students to participate for all levels of competitions .Students have proved their mettle by winning trophies and medals at the State level , National and International levels , bringing laurels to the school.


MUSIC& DANCE: Trained Music and Dance teachers visit the school thrice a week to teach vocal music, classical and western dances.Students get trained to compete, participate and perform in all events and celebrations of the school.
LITERARY ACTIVITIES : We aim at Holistic development of the child. We at VPPN nurture the innate talents and hence motivate students to take part in literary competitions like Quiz, Elocution, Essay writing, Debates, Group discussions etc. This helps them to forego all phobia, inhibitions and confidently speak on the dias.
LANGUAGE LAB: We develop efficient communication skills through English language lab. It helps to improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and emerge as winners and leaders in the competitive world.

CBSE Syllabus


Students from different parts of the country and abroad come to pursue education at our campus. Their needs and tastes differ. There is also a wide gap in cultures. To overcome this problem and to make them feel at home, our dorms are aesthetically designed, spacious, well maintained, and hygienic living conditions, separate for boys and girls with individual cupboards and cots provided.

The Geyser water heating system ensures a constant supply of hot water all through the year. Caring and understanding wardens , 24x7 medical facilities, weekly recreation like watching movies, etc. are provided. Central Water Purifying Plant provides safe and purified drinking water to students at all times.

Food Quality
Our Chairman encourages us to provide healthy, nutritious and unlimited quantity of hygienic food to students. We give milk with Boost and biscuits in the morning after PT, variety Breakfast ,lip smacking sumptuous food with varied menu for Lunch and dinner, and tasty Snacks at 4pm. We provide pure vegetarian food to our students.
Dieticians and nutritionists in Vignan ensure that the food provided is nourishing and variety in the menu. We have highly experienced chefs and trained people to prepare a variety menu catering to the taste of the students, from all over the country . Wardens along with all teachers supervise the students in the mess.The dining facilities provided are hygienic and can accommodate a large number of students. We also offer seasonal fruits like banana, pineapple, orange, papaya, guava, watermelon along with desserts twice a week

Parents are encouraged to taste the meals during their visit to see for themselves the quality of food provided.

24 X 7 Medical- Facility

In house nurse and visting doctor take care of health issues of students.They are taken to near by hospital, In case of emergency.

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