Success Of Dream - What Experts Say ?

DR.M.Venkaiah naidu

Minister For Urban Development

Dr.Rathaiah is a walking institution & a pioneer educationist in India


C.Ramoji Rao

Chairman , Ramoji Group

As teaching is taken as a social responsibility by Vignan , it has gained the confidence and trust of lakhs of parents

Tummala Nageswara Rao

Minister Of Roads and Buildings ,Government of Telangana

The School which serves the society by producing good and responsible citizens is a perfect school and Vignan is one among Them

K.P. Vivekananda


I fell very happy and proud whenever i enter the vignan Campus .I wish to attend Vignanothsav or any other event Vignan With enthusiasm


Political Leader

As the saying goes "Leaders don't do different things but they do things differently". Vignan is a school where each one of you can acquire your leadership qualities

Jaya Prakash Narayana

President, Lok Satta Party

For more than 35 years ,Vignan has extended its Service by imparting value based education which is the need of the hour in the society

Dr.C. Narayana Reddy

Telugu Poet & Writer

Vignan is the birth place of new changes in education anticipating the needs of tomorrow


Film Producer

Vignan foster the best of the Indian values and cultivates a Global outlook.Its's really a school the telegus should be proud of.

V.Dil Raju

Film producer

Vignan prepares the child not only for the challenges in education , but also for those in all other spheres of life

Sambasiva Rao Chandu


Vignan ignites the intellectual curiosity in every child.It makes him discover,innovate,invent

Sukumar Bandreddi

Film Director

Every effort is made at Vignan to bring out the skills in the school going child and great care is taken to mould its curiosity into a tangible shape

Pragyan Ojha


Vignan has enough infrastructure for sports like football,cricket,volleyball etc and students who aspire to compete at national and international levels find adequate support here

Chukka Ramaiah

Founder , Ramaiah IIT Foundation Course.

This Institution functions under the guidance of the great educator ,Dr.Rathaiah ; the quality of its faculty and students supplies great human resourse to the college and universities.This Institution is an asset to the telugu people

Sandeep Pandey

Social Activist

I thoroughly enjoyed my interaction with the students and was impressed with their mature questions.I wish the best for all the students ,teachers and all others involved in running the school

S.Tanikella Bharani

Film Actor & Writer

The teacher playing the dual role of both the teacher and the parent is important in the present generation , which they have already been doing at vignan

Lakshmi Manchu

Cine Artist

I have greatly been impressed with the staff and their hospitality.As i Believe education gives us true freedom and wish you utilize it for realizing greater possibilities

Suman Talwar

Cine Actor

Vignan has always been trend setter.Many Organizations are now trying to emulate it to be able to match with the standards established by it.


Joint Secretary UGC
South Eastern Regional Office ,Hyd

A School Commited to Comprehensive growth of children.My best wishes

Dr.Shobha Raj


I love Vignan and its Values.I wish to see each student of vignan emerge as a great human being .God bless you all

Sunitha Upadrashta


Every human being is endowed with some talent or the other .Many a time it is hidden .It is the job of a teacher to identify it,bring it out and nurture it.And i feel Vignan is doing this precisely

V.V. Lakshmi Narayana

ADG, Maharastra

Had a great time in this institution which is a centre of excellence contributing to the well being and greatness of our society and Nation.

Smt.Sailaja Kiran

Managing Director, Margadarsi

Vignan Schools are undoubtedly the best institutions of great education and learning. A child from an institution with the right value systems shall be composed, Compassionate and competent. Children from vignan educational institution shall add value to society.