Event title – Krishnashtami

Event Date and time – 11.08.17 at 10:00 a.m

Event location – School Campus

Why was the event conducted :Krishnashtami also known as Janmasthami or Gokulasthami is an annual Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna , the eight avatar of Vishnu the tiny tots of preprimary celebrated the festival in a grand way. Teaching them about a few interesting fun related Janmasthami activities can help them in cultivating moral and cultural values. Most of the children came dressed as Krishna and Radha and in other colourful out fits. We offered our prayers and butter, milk, curd, fruits and chuduva as Naivedyam. Later children celebrated the occasion by singing and dancing in great joy while performing puja. Children chanted the mantra “ Om Sri Krishnaya Vasudevaya namaha “.The celebration concluded with breaking of the pot and the children participated in the activity with great enthusiasm. Teachers explained the significance of Janmasthami and the story of little Krishna by playing audio visuals to the children. The children were over helmed with joy and devotion during the celebration.