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Admissions in Progress 2018-19

Limited Seats Available. Register Immediately

Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi - 130284
Nursery to XII Grade

1. Admissions open for classes, Nursery to IX (CBSE) from 25.08.2017 onwards..
2. Admission Registration:
aOn all the working days in between 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
b On Sunday in between 10:00 am to 12 Noon

3. Register yourself in the student enrollment department.
4. Take tests within one week of registration.
5. Tests to be taken only on the date allotted.
6. Oral test for classes LKG to III
7. Written Test for classes IV to IX.
8. The parents are familiarised with the various wings and departments of our school on the test day.
9. All the candidates selected will be given an appointment with the counsellor before they are issued a selection letter.
10. Acceptance of Admission needs to be conveyed within a week.
Standard Seats Available
Nursery 20
L.K.G 70
U.K.G 40
I 100
II 57
III 52
IV 45
V 42
VI 39
VII 25
IX 15
X Nil

Fee Waiver available for merit students
S.No. Name of the Test Details of the Test
1 Academic Test - 100 Questions are given in both subjective and objective type.
- Equal weight age is given to all the subjects.
2 Psychometric Test - Analysis of behavioral and emotional aspects of the child is made.
3 Physical Fitness Test - Different tests like 60 mts sprint, disc throw, long jump are conducted to assess the physical fitness of the child.

Test Score >90 >80 >70 >60 >50
Tuition Fee Waiver 70%+30% 30%+20% 15%+10% 10%+5% 5%+5%
Academic Test:70%
Psychometric Test:15%
Physical Fitness Test:15%
Academic Test:30%
Psychometric Test:10%
Physical Fitness Test:10%
Academic Test:15%
Psychometric Test:5%
Physical Fitness Test:5%
Academic Test:10%
Psychometric Test:2.5%
Physical Fitness Test:2.5%
Academic Test:5%
Psychometric Test:2.5%
Physical Fitness Test:2.5%