Pre-Primary School


The formative years of childhood are the most impressionable in one's education. What happens in these early years determines, not just the line of further education, but the course of a child's life.
Hence, our curriculum has been designed in such a way as to stimulate every child according to child’s age, nature and interests. Our curriculum provides for activities and exercises which stimulate a child to use all his faculties in accordance with child’s age, temperament and interests.
At Vignan a lot of stress is laid on teaching English as most of the children come from homes where the language barely spoken is not English. It has been scientifically proven that a child can learn 6 languages by the age of 5. Based on year wise objectives, our text books are designed to effectively develop competence in listening & speaking and thereby reading and writing. Children are helped to acquire competence in the use of functional English as early as possible through the following activities :

  • Stories are read, discussed and interpreted in the classroom to make the young ones imagine and make up their own stories. Role plays are organized as a continuation of it.
  • Children listen and respond to songs, rhymes and poems which help them to associate sounds with patterns.
  • Picture reading and Flash cards are used to improve vocabulary.

Knowledge and understanding of the world is essential to recognize and learn about people and places, gain awareness of other cultures and traditions and develop intimacy towards animals and plants besides showing concern for the environment. These are fostered in children by :

  • Stimulating intellectual curiosity through opportunities to explore, investigate and experiment.
  • Celebrating various festivals at school.
  • Conducting various theme based activities.
  • Taking them on regular field trips.

Most learning and communication happens by regulating one's physical impulses, i.e., through the development of gross and fine motor skills and the application of sensory abilities. So, we focus on developing the psycho-motor skills, mobility, and awareness of indoor and outdoor environments through several activities like
  • paper folding, paper tearing, button framing, hook framing, zipping and palm printing to improve the gripping four of the fingers.
  • Throwing & catching, aiming ball into basket, pasting the feathers of different birds to improve eye and hand coordination.

Each one of us has his own thoughts, emotions, senses and imagination which make his/her unique as an individual. These personal traits, properly nurtured, help in a child's effective and social development and will shape him/her into an integrated and well balanced individual. So our objective are to make children confident by developing in them high self-esteem and social skills, so that they can establish effective relationships with fellow students and adults. These are achieved through the following activities :
  • Group Activities: Children are encouraged to respect each other 's thoughts and opinions by participating in certain activities.
  • Narratives: Great importance is given to reciting and narrating slokas, folklore, itihasas and puranas. This helps in inculcating values besides developing in children an appreciation for the greatness of Indian culture and heritage. It enables the strengthening of their moral fibre and the instinct to differentiate between good and bad.

Numeracy is an essential part of being literate. If children do not develop a grounded understanding of numbers during early childhood, they will experience difficulties in their later professional lives, especially where problem solving involves simple analysis and drawing inferences or judgments. So, a strong foundation for developing mathematical understanding is given through practical activities like:
  • counting, comparing, sorting, matching, order sequencing using familiar objects.
  • Identifying colour, size, shape of given objects.
  • Developing basic appreciation of the concepts of space and time through games, narratives and description of objects.
  • Doing graded worksheets at regular intervals.

Children are made to participate in well balanced and diversified cultural activities such as music, drama, dance and visual arts which will increase their ability to use imagination by listening and observing. Besides this, a student is encouraged to recite a poem in the prayer session, participate in role plays, group dances, etc.

Excellent teacher-student relationship is at the heart of our pre-primary School. Teaching at this level needs high proficiency and resourcefulness along with application of traditional and modern methods. Also, it is important for the kids to be handled with respect, affection, care and trust. The teachers at Vignan are well-qualified and driven by enthusiasm, commitment, team spirit experience and above all, a concern for the child

Green campus, fresh air and outdoor playing is an essential part of any child's day and we like to adopt a positive attitude towards such things for a healthy and active life of the child.

Classroom ambiance:
All the classrooms are well ventilated, naturally lit, with large display boards and colourful illustrations, which are changed every month in accordance with a certain pattern. The arrangement of potted vegetation helps children to be close to nature and breathe fresh air, a rare opportunity for them to escape from the pollution of the city life.

A multimedia room:
The colourful carpeted multimedia room equipped with latest technology like smart boards and projector is well stocked with educational material specially created for pre-primary children.

Play Pen Area:
Our play pen area with hundreds of building blocks, puzzles, dolls, puppets, flash cards etc provides a new dimension to teaching and learning process.

Outdoor Activities:
Outdoor games promote a child's well being and nourish his/her various aspects of development both in body and mind. The large outdoor games equipment, jumping racks, hoola loops, sand pits, trunks, slides, rocking boats, swings, see-saws, balancing beams etc. promote a child's gross motor skills such as balancing, jumping and reaching. They also make a child sensitive to his environment besides offering him new and exciting challenges for learning. After all, each day is a different day, bringing in ever changing and new areas of knowledge and experience, at Vignan!

Health and hygiene:
The age between one and four is also a crucial stage for picking up good dietary habits which will lay the foundation for good health in future. We offer lunch and day time snacks to provide a balanced diet of nutrients for a child. Parents also are invited to attend seminars by nutrition experts organized by us. Our dining room is designed to accommodate upto 100 diners at a time. It is here the children get an opportunity to learn etiquette, social grace and table manners. Ergonomically designed bathrooms address the special needs of pre-primary children and the use of the bathrooms is restricted only to them.

The following events are celebrated out through the year to inculcate an understanding of the rich diversity in Indian culture,mutual appreciation for each other's religion among children, and a better rapport with their parents.