Primary School


At Vignan along with the pursuit of academic excellence, our thrust is on a value based education . Our endeavour is to foster the best of Indian values and cultivate a global outlook.
Vignan's philosophy is founded on the belief that education should be a fun-filled learning, enjoyable and relevant to today's world, while unleashing the creative potential of the child. Learning at our School is child-centered and growth oriented.
We aim to provide a world-class education with state-of-the-art facilities for the holistic development of the child. Our teaching methods are innovative and experimental which with all our humility, make the learning process an enlightening one, igniting the child's intellectual curiosity.

We believe that this prepares the child to face not only the challenges in his academic life, but also in all other spheres of life

VIGNAN is a silent revolution that has been taking place in the field of education for nearly three decades. We started as a small ripple in the year 1977 in the form of a tutorial in Guntur and have ever since made steady progress with each passing year. The growth and success of our group today stands as a testimony to the value based quality of education offered by our institutions. Today Vignan is a phenomenon widely acknowledged for pioneering some of the best practices in the field.

The Vignan group offers education at various levels; from nursery to intermediate in the state and CBSE syllabus to graduation and post graduation in education, engineering, pharmacy and sciences.

Vignan University is the first institute in the state to start job-oriented courses in graduation and post graduation for the new generation of students from both engineering and non-engineering streams. Vignan has always been the trend-setter any organization now trying to emulate it to match with the standards established by it. Over the years, we have grown in size and stature, with more than 40,000 students on our rolls now.

Thanks to the unstinted support of our students, their parents and also to the entire team of Vignan for the enviable place we occupy now in the firmament of education.

The school has created an atmosphere where discipline is a natural behaviour of the child. Teachers are trained in the technique of interactive teaching. They are all well qualified and experienced, and above all, very committed and hardworking.

Before the teachers are entrusted with a class, they are trained in all the aspects of teaching and also the principles of our school in grooming the child into a responsible citizen. All the newly recruited teachers at Vignan have to pass through an orientation course and the existing teachers have to go through refresher course during the summer vacation. All the teachers are also continuously appraised through the year by the academic coordinators.

An academic coordinator is the head of the department of a particular subject who has a thorough knowledge of the subject and also a vast experience in guiding teachers.

They will also help teachers adopt more innovative practices to make learning an easy process for the child.