Vignan Global Gen School, Saroornagar

Spacious Campus & Modern Facilities.
Amidst Peaceful Residential Colonies.
Near 100% Success Rate.
Imparting all important Life Skills.
Conducive atmosphere... comprehensive learning

To provide quality education to as many students as possible, particularly of the middle classes, is our aim. Vignan set up another school in 2003 at Malakpet to meet the long pending demand of the parents of those parts of twin cities. This school situated not very far from the heart of the city caters to the eastern parts of it.

The school is since shifted to more spacious premises with all the facilities in Saroornagar

To Grow and excel as leaders
  • All of us wish that our children should grow and excel…..
  • Grow and excel as leaders … in whatever fields they choose
  • If in employment ... They should be sought after in careers like IAS, IPS and the like.
  • If in Professions... They should be the most distinguished and skilled professionals.
  • If in enterprise… They should be innovative, successful and be in lime light
  • If a child has to grow up as a leader ... he should be strong in academics... There should be a strong foundation to faceing
  • competitive examinations like IIT/AIEEE etc.

Beyond the IIT Foundation…
But beyond these Academics and IIT foundation courses, there are other inputs that should go into the schooling if the child is to be groomed as a future leader.

Emotional Balance to turn failures to Success
Games and sports cultivate the sportsman spirit and enable the child to develop emotional balance to accept defeat in his stride. Sports also help to improve upon his skills by rectifying the lapses in a past failure. That is why the wise say, "If you learn something from a failure, you have not really lost, but gained."

Communication Skills
To grow and excel as a leader, reasonable proficiency in the languages and communication skills are very essential. To cultivate these, students are encouraged to speak in the assembly every day by rotation. They not only acquire the nuances of public speaking but also lose the stage fright for as leaders at a future date they have to address huge gatherings and express their view point logically and fearlessly.
Vignan XL apart from a laying strong foundation for IIT entrance exam, aims at giving all the inputs to the children to become future leaders in whatever route they choose.

Our Track Records
Vignan, adjudged the Best School of the State by the Govt. of AP, with a track record of 30 years of experience and expertise, has all the credentials to deliver.