Secondary School

Learning should be a pleasant and exciting experience. Only then, will the child be interested in learning anything. Curiosity stimulated through right teaching aids and methodologies will soon turn into a desire to explore and understand the world around him.

We offer instruction both in CBSE and State syllabi from classes 6th to 10th. In CBSE curriculum, education is activity based to make learning more assimilative and scientific. Regular formative assessments and summative assessments are made in scholastic and co-scholastic areas for the comprehensive analysis of a child.
In State curriculum, stress free education giving equal importance to the academic, extra and co-curricular activities, is imparted for the holistic development of a child. Apart from taking proper foundation courses for competitive exams like ISEET, Olympiads and NTSE, children are motivated to participate in several national and international events.

Requirements for the new ISEET test pattern are
  • Marks in the Board exams are very crucial. They have the maximum weightage of 40% in ISEET. So, to score maximum marks in the board exams equal stress should be laid on all the subjects, not only the science subjects, but languages and other subjects also.
  • Basic science subjects should be dealt in a comprehensive way so that a child can analyse and understand each and every topic thoroughly.
  • Reading proficiency and comprehension of English is crucial for the Aptitude Test
  • Teachers of all subjects should be equally well experienced and highly qualified.

VIGNAN'S ISEET My Seat Programme
My seat ISEET programme is designed for classes from 6th to 10th. The uniqueness of this program is…:
  • Vignan's IIT Foundation course is designed in such a way that it will not necessitate any sacrificing of the other subjects or activities for the reasons already stated above.
  • Aptitude questions (30% weightage) to easily master logical thinking and critical reasoning have been designed as a special course by a team of experts who prepare several students for BITSAT and SAT exams and introduce topics, level wise, from class 6
  • Every chapter in each one of the Basic Sciences is taught with a stress on absolute clarity of every concept in every chapter.
  • Our dedicated and well qualified team has designed comprehensive and logically connected text books and not only mere materials
  • Beside academic things, sports, games and other extra curricular activities, which are vital for the all round development of the students, are also given equal importance.

Training for Olympiads
This is the age of competition which has acquired global proportions now a days. To be successful, one has to be competent at the global level. We try to build the confidence of the child by exposing him to various competitive exams like Maths Olympiads, Science Olympiads, AIIMS, NTSC, Junior Intellectual Olympiad Exams Etc..

Exclusive study materials are designed for CBSE and State syllabi. Talented students are trained and encouraged to take part in mathematics and science Olympiads and other external competitions and present their skill.

Examinations at Vignan are not mere rituals. The students are groomed to face the tests based not only on the prescribed text books but also on the comprehensive study material prepared by their teachers. This helps the students to face any examination, internal or external, with confidence.

The examinations are aimed to analyse the student's grasping power, ability to retain and recall what he has grasped and his presentation skills. They are held at regular intervals so that the student is well trained to face the exams with ease and also to learn how to adjust his time in answering all the questions within the allotted period.

The performance of the students in every examination is carefully analysed to identify the grey areas in his learning.

Extra care is taken to conduct the exams. The chief exam cell will undertake the preparation of the question papers. The question papers are opened in the presence of the observer from a different branch. Papers are sent to other branches for evaluation not only for a fair deal and impartial assessment but also for the reason that the student gets used to know how his papers are evaluated outside the school.

Remedials & Mentor programmes
A counsellor is assigned to each and every child at the beginning of the year to monitor his/her academic and psychological growth. Based on up their performance during the previous year are several interactions, their weaknesses and strengths in different subjects, their behaviour at home and at school, their interests in extra and co-curricular actitivities and their moral attitude are identified. The counsellors continuously motivate and guide the child to improve his performance which in turn makes him a confident individual. At Vignan, we recognize that students have different individual levels of intelligence and for those who need an extra care after school hours, suitable remedial measures are taken up. In the remedial hours, individual attention is paid to the students to help them overcome their weakness in the subject which will also render any need for tuitions at home not only unnecessary but also a surplus.

Science Exhibitions
Human civilization owes a lot to the scientific development. To promote the scientific temperament in our children, they are encouraged to organize Science Exhibitions. Such exhibitions may look like very small things to grown ups. But, for a child, they mean a lot for they teach him about .

  1. Conceiving an idea
  2. Planning an exhibit
  3. Execution of the work and
  4. Achieving success

This is precisely what is done by any successful entrepreneur the Implementation ion of his project or establishment of an industry. Winning accolades and bagging prizes is a bonus that comes from it.

Team work, group activity, collective responsibilities are all management jargon that emphasize the need to work together. The children undertake them all naturally and effortlessly. We help them work and play together, help each other, share their joys and sorrows together because it is what living together is all about !

Nature is man's best friend. Hence man has to preserve nature and still continue his pursuits in science. Our students are taught about the importance of preserving nature, protecting the environment and passing this on to the next generation. Various projects on tree plantations, using bio-degradable packing bags, water conservation, rain harvesting and the ill effects of irrational felling of trees make them environment conscious and encourage them at their tender age to pursue eco friendly habits.

Merit Scholarships
We always appreciate and encourage merit by offering tuition fee waiver (from 100% to 10%) to the newly admitted based on their performance in the entrance test. We will not limit the concessions to just one year. Instead, every year upto 20 students from each branch in each class are given fee waivers upto 100%. This acts as an appreciation for the merit students and brings about a competitive spirit among them to perform continuously in a better manner.

Co-curricular Activities
Day to day all round assessment of the students is made based on their potential for these activities. We focus on abacus, extempore speaking, seminars, debating, group discussions, power point presentations, projects, models, charts, skits etc which enhance their creative abilities and give them an opportunity to gain self confidence in their social dealings. Every student must participate in one or the other of the activities mentioned above. As it is not possible to conduct all these activities in the school time, we run them after the school hours under the guidance of expert teachers and mentors.

In order to encourage objectivity and freedom among our students in expressing their unbiased and impartial opinions on various issues, Vignite, a monthly news magazine, is newly instituted which is wholly managed and run by our students.

Extra-curricular activities
We believe that a sound mind exists in a sound body. In our life, physical health plays a vital role. Participation in sports and games helps one to develop a good physique, discipline, team work and a broad outlook. It also sharpens one's intellect.

Games keep a man physically and mentally alert. A true sportsman takes in everything with calm. He accepts defeat without being worried. He learns the lessons of failure and trusts in overcoming his shortcomings. This helps him a lot in real life as well. Students of all ages and abilities take part in various sports and games. At Vignan, the student who aspires to compete at the national and international levels receives adequate support. Special training in games and sports is given by the experienced trainers during the school hours and also after the school hours.

A special mention of P. Hari Krishna who was supported and funded by Vignan to attend a world chess championship is not out of place here. It helped him to become the youngest grand slam master from India!