SFA - SFA (Sports for all) is the first of its kind competition conducted in Hyderabad between 10th of Nov and 17th Nov 2017. More than 350 schools of Hyderabad have contested in 23 various sports under one single roof and champion ship to schools is awarded on the basis of the overall points and ranks secured in the competitions.
Our Vignan Bo Tree school has stood 9th in winning space among the top rated schools of the city. Among 650 students who contested in the SFA, we won 36 gold medals, 95 silver medals and 50 bronze medals over all 181 medals in the competitions.
Even though our children actively participate in various competitions across state and national level, this is the first time for them to contest in so many competitions conducted at a single time. There are almost 650 students from our school who participated in the total SFA competition, and about 30% of them got medals in one or the other category.

School ranking in different sports and games among 350 schools are
Athletics – 21 Rank
Chess – 6th Rank
Hand ball – 8th Rank
Judo – 7th Rank
Kabaddi – 6th Rank
Karate – 6th Rank
Kho – Kho – 3rd Rank
Taekwondo – 16th Rank
Throw ball – 1st Rank
Volley ball – 2nd Rank